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Google Shopping ads, also known as Product Listing Ads (PLA), are the ads that appear above organic search in google in the share of a tile with product image, price, and store. PLAs were launched in 2010 and have been growing in popularity ever since becoming an important part of many leading brands’ strategies.

They are much easier to manage because you don’t have to worry about keywords. Google uses your product data feed to display your ads in relevant searches. You still have control by manipulating attributes like title, category, and description. Let’s take a look how Google Shopping ads can benefit your eCommerce operation.

Benefits Of Google Shopping Ads:

Stand Out

Google Shopping ads appear on top of search results and meet shoppers that are have done most of their research with highly targeted and clear product offering. PLA ads stand out with their simplicity, informative clear message, and visual appeal.

Grab Attention

PLAs are the only ads in the search results boasting a photo, which immediately grabs the attention of the shoppers. Visual appeal is key in Google Shopping optimisation, it attracts buyers and makes them more likely to click and land on a product page.

Better Quality Leads

Google Shopping Ads, the customer can see enough information within the ad that they're already a little familiar with your product when they arrive at your website. The ads consist of your product image and name, price, your brand name, and product star rating. Shoppers who don't recognize your brand name are still likely to click your ad based on the image, rating, and price.

Higher Conversion Rates

Google Shopping ads have proven to have much higher conversion rates compared to text-only ads. On average conversion rates are 26% higher and also your cost-per-click is reduced by about 23%. This leads to more relevant traffic to your eStore at better CPC and ultimately boost your ROI.

Easier to Manage

Text ads require advertisers to select and bid on the keywords they want to target. Google Shopping Ads are much simpler and eliminate the keyword process entirely. Instead of bidding on keywords, Google decides what keywords are relevant based on your product data feed (which you can strategically craft for better results).

Broader Reach

With Google Shopping ads the potential to appear more than once for a single query. That helps you raise awareness of new and related products.

Bids Benchmarking

Google also offers User Benchmarks so you can better place your bids by measuring against how industry rivals are bidding.

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